The Joys and Stings of Gardening

Another month has passed! Ack! It goes by so fast! Since my last post, I decided to officially take a month off from work and just be outside as much as possible. I had a long list of things to accomplish in the yard and work just made me frustrated and unhappy lately. A breakContinue reading “The Joys and Stings of Gardening”

Don’t Be a Peeved Pickle, You Got This!

Sometimes a project gets put on hold until I level up enough as an artist to take it back out and complete it. Usually this happens when I’m stuck in my head, and I start to draw the life out of everything. And when it’s time to bring it out, I feel determined. I’m RESOLVEDContinue reading “Don’t Be a Peeved Pickle, You Got This!”

Ready for the New Year

This year was a difficult one. It was also one of the most heart-filling years for friendships and loved ones. I met some amazing people this year that I am happy to call friends, the friendships I had before felt more special to me, and my appreciation for family grew. So it was a hardContinue reading “Ready for the New Year”