8 Tips for Getting through the Next Few Months

2020 has not held back. Any one else feel really tired and sad and angry and just not okay? Feeling like it’s hard to focus, get started on anything, and that making the bed feels like someone is asking you to lift an elephant? I’m here to share some handy tips that will help you get through these times of uncertainty.

  1. Make the bed: Get it done for Future You. Because she’s gonna be a lot more tired and sad than you are now. At least make the bed so she has a comfortable place to crash at 1pm when she’s given up on the day.
  2. Get your favorite book and blanket and hide for a while.
  3. Bake cookies and send them to your illustrator friends named Autumn.
  4. Stare out the window and sigh a lot. Focus on your deep sighs and then on your normal breathing. Clear your mind of intrusive thoughts like “AM I BREATHING TOO HARD? DO I HAVE COVID? AHHH I DON’T KNOW WHAT NORMAL BREATHING IS ANYMORE” and just breathe for a while until you feel the knots in your gut relax.
  5. Buy holiday presents early and sing “We need a little Christmas now!” as they arrive in the mail.
  6. Give yourself permission to be not okay. It’s a normal response to an abnormal situation, and the persistent stressor that is 2020 is definitely abnormal. Just keep in mind that if you start spontaneously screaming in the grocery store ” NONE OF THESE CEREALS ARE GOING TO FIX THE WORLD, WHY HAVE YOU FAILED US, BRAN FLAKES?” You may receive weird looks and be asked to leave the store.
  7. Focus on the beings you love. Don’t just sit and stare at them, that’s not what I mean by focus. Just remember that there are family, friends and pets who think you are awesome and are joyful to connect with. Then go connect with them.
  8. Get moving. Go for a walk. Vacuum the carpet. Cook dinner. Throw pillows across the room shouting “WHEN WITH THIS HORRIBLE YEAR END?!” Once you start moving, don’t lose the momentum!

I hope this gave you a laugh, and helped you keep going. If you are truly overwhelmed, please reach out for help from a loved one or a health professional. Stay safe out there, I’m rooting for you!