Monster-Sized Feelings

Hello and Happy Thursday to you. Well, that is, if you are reading this on a Thursday. You might be reading this on a different day of the week, in which case, happy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday to you. There are SO many things I want to tell you about, and SOContinue reading “Monster-Sized Feelings”

30 Day Drawing Challenge- Completed

    The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is complete! I AM SO HAPPY!! This has been a great experience for me, and I’m glad I got to share it with you! So many exclamation points being used! Reflecting on the last 30 days, And thinking of some of the questions asked, I thought I takeContinue reading “30 Day Drawing Challenge- Completed”

#30 Day Drawing Challenge Part 1

Well here The very last image is just a bonus I did one day after watching the news too much. 😀 If you’d like to follow along every day with this challenge, you can join me over on Instagram here. This is a good point to reflect on the challenge and things I learned andContinue reading “#30 Day Drawing Challenge Part 1”

Reading Together- Illustration

I did the piece shown above last fall. I fell in love with the concept, and promised myself one day I would finish it. So after my St. Patrick’s Day post, I met with my critique group, got some good feedback, and went work. The piece below is the finished product. I sketched and paintedContinue reading “Reading Together- Illustration”