An Excellent Resource

Recently, I signed up for BluPrint, which offers online classes on all sorts of creative topics. If you are familiar with Craftsy, you might have already heard of BluPrint. I originally signed up for the class because Mike Curato was presenting a class on Picture Books. Mike was my mentor during my stay at Highlights Foundation this summer (which is another experience I highly recommend. Highlights is a wonderful retreat for the creative mind) Mike is an amazing author/ illustrator who has created the Little Elliot Books and illustrated some other amazing stories. He’s also just a super nice person and I think the world is better with him in it.

Now Mike’s class is not quite available yet, I was too hasty in signing up! But I’ll be sure to let you know exactly when it does. 🙂

In the meantime, Shadra Strickland also has an amazing class about creating picture books, and this class was a wonderful experience. She takes her time and clearly explains how picture books work, and the steps to create a book for submitting to a publisher or just for your family to enjoy. Here is the link to her class. 

There have been some basic concepts to picture book illustration I kept getting hung up on. It’s probably my training in traditional animation, as Shadra uses an example from her student’s work who also trained in animation. I felt like this class was made just for me, but of course, it wasn’t- and it’s available to everyone. 🙂

Below is one of Shadra’s books she illustrated “A Place Where Hurricanes Happen”

You can get a free week trial with BluPrint, and during their Black Friday sales, you can get a cheaper subscription rate.

I’m not getting paid for my recommendations, by the way. I’m just excited and want to share 🙂