Don’t Be a Peeved Pickle, You Got This!

Sometimes a project gets put on hold until I level up enough as an artist to take it back out and complete it. Usually this happens when I’m stuck in my head, and I start to draw the life out of everything. And when it’s time to bring it out, I feel determined. I’m RESOLVEDContinue reading “Don’t Be a Peeved Pickle, You Got This!”

30 Day Drawing Challenge- Completed

    The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is complete! I AM SO HAPPY!! This has been a great experience for me, and I’m glad I got to share it with you! So many exclamation points being used! Reflecting on the last 30 days, And thinking of some of the questions asked, I thought I takeContinue reading “30 Day Drawing Challenge- Completed”

#30 Day Drawing Challenge Part 1

Well here The very last image is just a bonus I did one day after watching the news too much. šŸ˜€ If you’d like to follow along every day with this challenge, you can join me over on Instagram here. This is a good point to reflect on the challenge and things I learned andContinue reading “#30 Day Drawing Challenge Part 1”

Reading Together- Illustration

I did the piece shown above last fall. I fell in love with the concept, and promised myself one day I would finish it. So after my St. Patrick’s Day post, I met with my critique group, got some good feedback, and went work. The piece below is the finished product. I sketched and paintedContinue reading “Reading Together- Illustration”

#Inktober 2015 is complete!!

Inktober is over! I really enjoyed drawing with pens and markers this month. When you can’t hit ctrl z, you really have to think about where the lines are going. Ā Even though you can’t delete your ink lines, I didn’t feel like I needed to erase as much because I was just focused on drawing.Continue reading “#Inktober 2015 is complete!!”