Mr. Mole and Mr. Badger bookmark completed

Wind in the Willows

Yay! It’s done! Probably! Yeah, it’s done! Here is the scene of Mr. Badger showing Mr. Mole some of the deeper tunnels and halls of Badger’s Burrow. I gave Mr Mole a walking stick because he had injured himself before entering Mr. Badger’s home. There are many scenes in The Wind In the Willows that have a lot of action, and of course Toad riding a motorcar, which is one of the first images anyone thinks of when you mention the book. But in this scene, Mr. Mole and Mr. Badger are forming a real friendship through a shared appreciation of cozy underground living. Badger opens up and reveals a warmth and spirit as they travel through the tunnels and rooms, a treat only for the guest who can appreciate it.