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Thar be Monsters here


I’m working on a story idea, and I met some monsters along the way. These monsters didn’t work for the story, but I really liked them, and invited them to come back for another story.  And if not, hopefully they’ll stop by for tea and cake at least.

Some updates regarding this site and social media:

I quit Facebook this summer. The last straw for me was discovering some of their policies that protected users who engaged in racist and aggressive behaviors towards other users. I still like you very much, I just don’t like facebook. Leaving was a good choice for me, and I thank you for your understanding and compassion.

I’ll be utilizing this blog more often to communicate events, announcements and sharing my process with you. This is a great time to communicate your preferences to how often you would like to read new posts 🙂





Website Updates

Some changes to the site

Hello everyone!

I am in the process of making some changes to this site. If you notice, there is now a SIDEBAR. Or if you are on a phone, there is a list of stuff at the bottom of the page. Soon you’ll be able to search for stuff by categories or tags, and there’s a follow button to make it easier to follow this blog without having to enter a bunch of personal information that I never really see anyway.

It wasn’t until I was searching for packing lists on another blog that I fully appreciated the convenience and thoughtfulness of categories and tags for searching for certain topics. I have completely neglected this feature on my site, and it’s HARD to find something specific without scrolling through tons of posts. I am learning, I will work to correct it, and before you know it, it will be a much more user-friendly place to visit.

Have a wonderful week! I’ll write another post when everything is updated and ready for searching. Until then, thank you for your patience!

Website Updates

No more Advertisements and new web address

I’ve made some changes to the site:

  1. If you type, you will be directed to this site. will also still take you here.
  2. There will be no more advertisements when you read my blog. They were very annoying to me, and I rarely had to see them as the site administrator.