Starry Night, in Procreate. Working with a limited color palette

Is everyone excited about the first day of fall tomorrow? Does it still feel like summer to anyone else? It’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit today, which feels more July than September for Pennsylvania.

Side note: I never remember how to spell Fahrenheit. I always just sound it out and let spell check handle it for me. Also a sticky spelling word: Souvenir. I keep wanting to add extra “e”s to the end of it. Does anyone else have words their brains just can’t seem to wrap around?

I’ve just returned from a vacation in Maine, and I had such a wonderful time! We went to Bar Harbor and explored Acadia National Park. Hiking is a lot of fun. And even though it turns out I am allergic to lobster, there’s a lot of other great things about Bar Harbor besides lobster. Like ice cream! and a bookstore! And beautiful views! and lots of hiking with big rocks! If you like hiking and ice cream (and lobster) I hope you’ll get a chance to go there someday.

Sunrise in Bar Harbor

Feeding the Giraffes

Now our Robot Buddies are feeding the giraffes! They’re sure are having a great time at the zoo!

While reading about Giraffes, I learned some fun things:

  • Giraffes are very tall! Did you know a full-grown giraffe can grow as tall as 16 to 20 feet (5-6 meters)? AMAZING!
  • Baby Giraffes are about 6 feet tall (1.8 meters).
  • They have long tongues that are 20 inches or 50 cm long!

Feeding Giraffes