Inktober: It’s up to you!

Inktober is here! Are you going to join in this year? I like working with ink, and there’s something fun in the challenge of not having an “undo” button or erasing mistakes. I’ve seen some beautiful inked pieces from other artists who made a mistake and then took some time to problem solve, and finishContinue reading “Inktober: It’s up to you!”

30 Day Drawing Challenge- Completed

    The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is complete! I AM SO HAPPY!! This has been a great experience for me, and I’m glad I got to share it with you! So many exclamation points being used! Reflecting on the last 30 days, And thinking of some of the questions asked, I thought I takeContinue reading “30 Day Drawing Challenge- Completed”

#30 Day Drawing Challenge Part 1

Well here The very last image is just a bonus I did one day after watching the news too much. 😀 If you’d like to follow along every day with this challenge, you can join me over on Instagram here. This is a good point to reflect on the challenge and things I learned andContinue reading “#30 Day Drawing Challenge Part 1”

30 Day Drawing Challenge Prompt List

I’ve been hearing a lot of fellow illustrators sharing that they have felt stuck and were having trouble creating new images. Change is stressful, many artists are feeling the stress of world events and political change right now. But we still need to create, and we still need to have fun. When I first came to illustration, 30 DayContinue reading “30 Day Drawing Challenge Prompt List”

#Inktober 2015 is complete!!

Inktober is over! I really enjoyed drawing with pens and markers this month. When you can’t hit ctrl z, you really have to think about where the lines are going.  Even though you can’t delete your ink lines, I didn’t feel like I needed to erase as much because I was just focused on drawing.Continue reading “#Inktober 2015 is complete!!”

Inktober Day 22-27

Oh my goodness! Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? Can you believe it’s the 28th of October already? Time is flying by this month!! I keep thinking it’s Tuesday. This Sunday, I’ll share a final #Inktober post in a gallery format with all the drawings in one place along with final reflections about the experience,Continue reading “Inktober Day 22-27”