Illustration Friday Theme: Myth

I was super excited about this week’s theme for Illustration Friday: Myth

When I was a little girl, I loved all things horses. I loved unicorns, Pegasus, ponies, I loved all things related to horses. My love of horses was the thing that set me to drawing. I’d get in trouble at school for drawing horses when I wasn’t paying attention to social studies, I pretended I was a horse in the playground, and I had this amazing book of horse photos and paintings that I would stare at for ages…


Sick Day

Gasping, hacking, wheezing was I  against the tightening clutches of a cold that methodically taken over my sinuses, throat, and now lungs with the precision of an invading army. Armed with naps, books, and a plethora of facial tissues, I faced the dilemma of completing my sketchbook drawings in time.

So I post this entry today (still sick after 4 days! I’m so annoyed!!)-being sick-this was my inspiration for my almost last drawing.


Cookie Time!

I remember my mother baking cookies with my big brother and me. We would eat a couple cookies, then put the rest in this awesome Cookie Monster jar. Sometimes we’d eat another with my Dad when he came home from work. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon together when my parents had one car to share. I can bake a delicious chocolate chip cookie now that I’m an adult, but the memory of how those cookies looked, smelled and tasted tops any cookie I eat today.

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