During the month of May, a lot of artists participate in a drawing exercise called MerMay, and they draw a lot of mermaids throughout the month. How many of you wanted to be a mermaid, swimming along in the oceans and talking to fish all day about seaweed?

Uh. It sounded more magical when I was a kid πŸ™‚

“This is not what I meant when I said a wanted to be a mermaid!”

RedBubble Opening

Well, I made the plunge and decided to sell stuff on Redbubble. I like their site and everything I’ve ordered from them has been pretty nice. Society 6 became really difficult to navigate, and I like the ease of setting up items on Redbubble.

So what’s up on the site? A couple of fun pieces

1. I am a unicorn

2. Funk That Shirt

There’s more than just t shirts at Redbubble, so I hope you’ll check it out. You can also let me know in the comments here if you are like “Hey, I’d love to buy something with “_______”on it! And I’ll be like “I DECIDE STUFF AROUND HERE!” And probably make it anyway, because I really care about you πŸ™‚

Compassion (a slideshow)

Sometimes I feel sad, like there’s a hole that can’t be filled.

But then someone from my family and friends shows me kindness, love,Β  and compassion and it’s like a light. And even though I still have a hole, I have my own light of compassion to share. And no matter how many times that compassion is shared, it doesn’t seem to diminish, but grow. So I did some sketches, and I wanted to share them with you. Have a nice weekend. πŸ™‚

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Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Review

It’s very snowy and cold here-perfect weather for fluffy unicorn slippers and hot tea.

But enough about the weather- let’s talk standing desks. Recently I purchased a Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Β  from Fully.

I LOVE this desk. It’s a solid desk for a mid-level price range. It has an awesome control panel that you can program heights into, which is great for multiple users, or for someone like me who wants a different height for sitting and standing for drawing and writing. I did read a review that said the table wobbles at its highest setting, so I opted for the extended range frame, and it doesn’t wobble a bit.

Assembly requires two people. There’s a video of someone doing it by himself, but my dad helped me put it together, and I was really glad for the help. For the most part, assembly is easy, and between the instructional video and booklet, there was little confusion in putting the pieces together. My only complaint is that I got a desk drawer and cable wranglers and there was NO pre-drilled holes for that and you can’t use a power tool on the bamboo table top. My dad is strong and we made it work, but it would be really handy if there were small pinholes like there are for the height controls.

The cable wranglers are a nice way to get power strips off the floor, but the double sided taped zipties were much more functional. I still have a lot of wires showing, due to the Cintiq wiring to the computer, but it’s still a lot better than before with my folding table. Another tidy plus is that in standing position, my desk chair tucks nicely under the table, keeping the narrow walking space behind me open.

The table isn’t too noisy when it’s shifting positions either.Β  I have a large printer, a 22 HD Cintiq and my laptop on it. It’s noisier the more you put on it, but I didn’t have a need to put more stuff on it.

What’s it like working with a standing desk? Comfortable. I love how adjustable it is, so I never need to slouch over my work again. I have a lot less pain using a standing desk (get the standing mat, it’s worth it)Β  and it’s easier to walk away and give my eyes a break from staring at the computer screen, which effectively increases the amount of time I can work in a day.

TL, DR- The standing desk is comfortable, easy to assemble and affordable. I like it.

Let me know in the comments if you have additional questions or comments about standing desks!