Pre-Pandemic WIP

This was a work in progress that I abandoned when the pandemic started because it was problematic to begin with, but I loved that grouchy lion. But finally, I came back to it. So I put some masks on all the animals and said to myself “ finish this some day” so its still not done. I still like the idea though and will probably redraw the whole thing and keep the grouchy lion unmasked.

That day isn’t today, but I thought I’d state my intentions publicly because I feel like I need more stress and pressure in my life 😂😂

How is everyone doing?


Creative Brain Walls and Broken Focus

In the last month or so, I hit a wall when it came to the picture book I’m writing/illustrating. Sometimes the best thing to do in that case is to walk away. I read some books, I took out some embroidery patterns I wanted to finish and found an old knitting pattern I forgot about. It’s a pumpkin! I’ll have to share it when it’s all done.

My mother bought this book by Jessica Long called Animal Embroidery Workbook. There are loads of great patterns in there. I find embroidery to be incredibly relaxing. Here are a couple of the patterns from her book that I had a chance to take on.

The otters are in her book, but she also had them available as a kit from her etsy shop. It was really lovely to have all the materials together and not have to hunt them down myself.

I have a couple ideas for embroidery patterns to make for myself now, which I’m having fun working on, but I know that I’m also ready to get back to drawing and writing again.

Next month, I’ll be traveling. I’m very excited and nervous about it. My focus is all over the place and I find unless you’re talking to me about the joys of travel-sized things, I am probably lost in thought, thinking about if I really need to pack those cookies.

(Yes, yes I do)


Back to School, Hand Care, and Birds

It’s back to school time! I hope everyone’s kiddos have a great transition back to school!

I recommend Ryan Higgin’s book We Don’t Eat Our Classmates! You can check it out here.

Since the last update, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a few portraits and drawings. Then my hands ached and I took a week off. Now I am doing hand exercises and they really help! Also, I don’t use my phone a lot anymore, and I take more care in how I hold my tablet, making sure my palm is flat against the back of it, instead of holding it like a book. I also hold my books with my palm on the back instead of holding the sides too. Basically, I avoid holding anything like a lobster claw 😁

Happy hand

My hands are getting tired right now typing this so….Here are some grouchy birds! 😁 see you next month! I hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

Illustrations, Sketches

A short update

I have three cousins in Georgia and they all have children, so I started drawing their kids this month. It’s a work in progress, so when I’m done, there will be 9 all together. There are 8 girls and 1 boy. It’s been a really fun project, and it’s always good to study kiddos for picture book making.

See you next month!


The Joys and Stings of Gardening

Another month has passed! Ack! It goes by so fast!

Since my last post, I decided to officially take a month off from work and just be outside as much as possible. I had a long list of things to accomplish in the yard and work just made me frustrated and unhappy lately. A break was needed. I really enjoyed digging in the dirt….

Pulling out weeds…

And relaxing on the rocks under the tree by the flower beds, drinking loads of water.

Until a wasp got into my shirt and stung me MANY TIMES. Luckily I had a steroid ointment for stings and some Benadryl. I had to go to Urgent Care to get checked out the next day, and was given an anti-nausea medicine because I WAS SO SICK. Bugs. I tell ya.

Not long after I got stung, I finished my to-do list of outdoor chores. I felt really good after that. I felt stronger, I lost some weight, and I was happier. It was a much-needed break. And I found myself drawing again, wanting to draw again, and really looking forward to some new storylines. And the biggest lesson I learned in the garden? It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be done.