Sketches and Studios

Hiya everyone! Well, it’s August, the time of year when I say “Hey, remember when were were cold all the time? Was that so bad?”

Has everyone had a nice summer so far? Mine has had some really nice moments. A LOT of visiting relatives, so plans for getting lots of work done went right out the window. BUT there was a lot of quality family time and lasting memories made. A friend of mine said that I’ll never look back and say “Remember that summer when I got a lot of work done?” but that I will say “Remember that summer when lots of family visited? ” and I agree with her. This was definitely a memorable summer.

But now, it’s time to get back to work, and I’m REALLY EXCITED about it. For a while my broken drawing table was being used as a printer stand but I’ve rearranged some things so it’s now clear for drawing. It still won’t tilt upwards, and I’ll need to replace it someday, but I’m happy to have my dedicated drawing space back. My studio now houses my digital painting stuff, my traditional drawing tools, and my keyboard to just play music when I get blocked. This is my happy place, and I find I’m really excited to get to it. So off I go!! Have a wonderful day!


my happy place

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