The Time Management Post

I laugh as I type this because this is the third draft of a time-management post that I meant to post a month ago, but didn’t because I either didn’t have time or the scheduled posting didn’t work. So how am I to write about time management? That’s just silly.

So instead of sharing some great wisdom, I thought I would share my mistakes and obstacles.

  1. Not keeping a planner/diary. When I write down what I have coming up in the next few months, and take time to plan out my week, I tend to remember appointments better. Also, I get a clearer picture of how my time is spent so I can prioritize my to-do list, which is also written in my planner. When I misplaced my planner for a few weeks, I forgot about appointments, emails waiting responses, and important items on my to-do list. I eventually found it in my suitcase I took to the conference, and I will not say I didn’t give it a little hug.
  2. Not taking a break.  I was really productive for two weeks. I got SO much done around the house, in my work, and I felt really GOOD. But then one day, I was so tired. And the next day, I was really tired. I went from feeling mighty to exhausted. A friend of mine said “When did you take a day off last. I think you need to schedule one soon. Today” So I took a couple of days off, read some books and she was right. I felt really good after a couple days off, and I had the energy to get things done again. Now I try to remember to end the day with something fun and relaxing.
  3. Avoiding tasks. I avoided painting the bathroom wall for a month. Soon it took over my thoughts and I finally painted it, and it was so easy. I would’ve saved myself a lot of worry if I had just done it a month ago. Right now I’m avoiding doing my ab workout. Ugh. I know I’m going to do it right after this.
  4. Trying to do too much at once. I am guilty of having 20 things on my to-do list right now. I can usually get about three things done a day, but some days, I can only get one done. When I forget this, I plan to do 7 things, and then I get overwhelmed and stare out the window for an hour. So now, I’m back to keeping my to-dos for the day on a short list. My master to-do list is never-ending. NEVER ENDING.  Going along with that, doing too much at once. I think most of us accept multi-tasking isn’t really realistic. I get so much more done when I take my time, focus on what I’m doing and then move onto the next thing. Distracted days, I end up with 7 projects in various states of not done.


Those are some of my time management mistakes. I think with time management, stress management is really important too. If you’re taking too much on at once, or you’re avoiding something, that’s stressful. I think time management and stress management are closely linked.

Next week, I’ll get back to sharing some art. I’m working on some fun projects and I’m excited to share them with you! Have a great weekend


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