My favorite travel books

When I went to the New York SCBWI conference in 2015, I read the Jinx trilogy by Sage Blackwood. It’s a wonderful middle grade fantasy book and it begins when our main character steps off the Path into the dangerous wood of the Urwald.

What if you ventured somewhere outside of your comfort zone? What if you learned that there were other possibilities for your life? What if you discovered you had unique gifts? What if you decided to be brave?

Traveling to a new area to meet new people is uncomfortable. It’s incredibly stressful, but that’s part of why I enjoy reading about Jinx’s adventures so much. He often chooses the path that isn’t comfortable, and things happen. Which is better than nothing happening at all. It’s not much of a story if nothing happens. So I find comfort and inspiration in Sage Blackwood’s storytelling. Comforted by the writing, inspired to be a little brave. When I felt nervous, I could just pull out my kindle and read a few chapters and say “There aren’t even any were-chipmunks here. I can handle this!”

Plus, Sage herself is so nice! She’s really cool to follow along on Twitter, and you can hear the different characters sometimes in her voice. So I might be biased in that regard, but it’s still my favorite go-to reading when I travel.

Do you have a favorite book to read while you travel?

Find out more about Sage

(you won’t regret it! It’s a great trilogy!)

3 thoughts on “My favorite travel books

  1. I tend to need a new book when I travel, otherwise I don’t read it. Only time I read a previously read book is when I have time to just sit and relax, and that is rarely when traveling! πŸ™‚

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    1. JK, how fun that different things work for us! I need something familiar to read, and you need something new and diverting! What is something you read recently that you enjoyed?


      1. Oh geez, I don’t know, ha ha. Actually the last few books have been not so great. πŸ˜› Well, I read a really great one on writing, but that was nonfiction. As far as fiction goes, I’m due for a great book, because I’ve been suffering through some average-to-totally-awful! (Here is actually a post I wrote on both the great writing book and one of the bad novels, lol: )


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