8 thoughts on “Bear Likes to Read”

  1. Your illustrations are seriously amazing, this one is adorable. Also the shirt I have from you is currently my favorite shirt- I wear it all the time!! I’d say my favorite books of all time right now are Dianna Wynn Jone’s ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, Robin Hobb’s Liveship Trader series, anything by Jenny Lawson, AND Patrick Rothfuss King Killer Chronicles… Ok probably tmi, but I felt bad leaving any of them out…

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    1. 1. I love that you love the tshirt!
      2. Your comment made my day!
      3. I also love that you shared your favorite books! I’m adding them to my to-read list!


  2. hahah! I’m not sure honestly! I think people who have more fine art or graphic design art do well with it. Children’s art doesn’t seem to thrive there. I’ve had some success with geek culture items, but the most I ever made through there was 5 dollars. But the merchandise is very good quality, so I would recommend them to anyone who was going to be actively involved in it 🙂


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