Changes and Resolutions

I’ve made some changes to the site:

  1. If you type, you will be directed to this site. will also still take you here.
  2. There will be no more advertisements when you read my blog. They were very annoying to me, and I rarely had to see them as the site administrator. 


With each new year, I think about what I’ve accomplished and what I’d like to improve on. Then I write a list of New Year’s Resolutions, forget about them, and then find them in July and feel overwhelmed by a list of items that realistically would take more than one year to accomplish. When I feel overwhelmed, I have trouble being productive.

So with the fresh start of 2016, I realized that I still wanted some direction, but I wanted also to be realistic so I didn’t feel overwhelmed, and I didn’t feel like I failed. I needed something that simple.

“I’m going to get something done every day.”

Not “I’m going to have an agent.” not “I’m going to become fluent in Spanish” or “I’m going to lose ALL my extra weight and become Wonder Woman!” I just want to get something done every day. Something that moves me closer to my goals. But I still needed some direction.

I made a Spider Diagram. This is an example of what mine is structured like, but it isn’t my actual diagram. But you can see, I started with 2016 as the main bubble and then found main themes of areas to explore and grow in: Work, Learning, Finances, Health…and there are others too. Some of the main bubbles don’t need sub-bubbles and some do. Some of the bubbles are connected to other hubs. It’s kinda all spread out where I can see how everything is connected. Seeing the big picture like this keeps me motivated, because I can see why it’s so important for me to pay attention to that area. I don’t just see it as something I should do, but something I really want to do because it will benefit me later.



Second, I deleted all the productivity apps from my phone. All those to-do lists, and daily schedules and plans. Gone. Instead, I use a planner that I can write in pencil all my appointments, deadlines and notes. And, instead of writing a to-do list, I have a Did That! list I write in my planner. That way I end the day feeling accomplished, but instead of wondering “Did I forget to check that off last Wednesday?” I know it’s done because I’m writing down actions, not intentions.

Do you have New Year’s Resolutions? How do you like to organize your goals? Do you use an organizational tool to keep you on track? Leave a comment below! 😀


2 thoughts on “Changes and Resolutions

  1. I love the idea of simplifying my goals to what you said – do something every day! Too often I know I set myself up for a big fat failure by giving myself goals that I can’t possibly accomplish. And let’s face it, if you don’t see success in the little things, you’ll never keep going towards the big ones. Happy New Year my friend! Here’s to celebrating the little accomplishments every day!


    1. Happy New Year Jackie! 😀 I think you said it better than I did! I hope you have lots of small victories and little accomplishments this year! (also, I want to get together again for dinner!) 🙂


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