Bears Cure Drawing Slumps

The last few days I’ve held my pencil and paper and ..


It’s not that I don’t have anything to draw, I have a few projects I’m working on. It’s not like I don’t WANT to draw, I certainly do. But there’s a lack of connection there.

There are lots of reasons for getting into a drawing slump. Overthinking the process, maybe feeling sad, overwhelmed or maybe you’re just too busy right now. Whatever the reason, the pencil won’t move on the paper, and the longer the slump lasts, the harder it is to get drawing again.

The only cure I know for a drawing slump is to draw something. Seems stupid-simple right? But it’s the only thing that works for me. I just let go of all the thoughts and expectations, and I draw my feelings. This time, I don’t know why I was in a drawing slump so I decided to draw my slump! Messy, frustrated, blank page.   I finished the sketch, feeling a little better, but still slumpy. Just then, a teddy bear popped up on the page to see what I was working on and discovered nothing on the page. slumpyslumpneeds-more-bearsThat's-Better!

Great suggestion, little bear! Now the slumps have been shaken off, and I’m back to drawing!

11 thoughts on “Bears Cure Drawing Slumps”

    1. Thank you!

      I fall into that posting without pictures trap. Some point in the last year, I made a rule that if I wanted to post something, I HAD to draw a picture to go with it. It didn’t have to be good, but it had to be something. It’s silly to have an illustration blog without pictures right? 😀 😀

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      1. Haha so true- I’ve been trying to stick with that rule too- but it can definitely make it harder to get stuff out!! I wish I had a clone of myself that I could imprison and force to work 24/7 in exchange for cookies… I have to imagine the other me would be okay with it if enough cookies were involved…


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