From Sketch to Finish

Two posts in one day! I wanted to share with you some new art I did this week!

I decided to start taking some of my #inktober sketches from last month, and finish them. I sketched these using Copic and Micron ink pens and Copic Markers for the color. I completed the images using Photoshop CS5.  I hope you enjoy them!!

Inktober Day 14 Girl-Playing-the-Cello Inktober Day 9 Boy-sleeping

6 thoughts on “From Sketch to Finish”

  1. I love this! I’m just now starting to learn how to use markers (my brother bought me spectrum nor which I am growing to love). However, I don’t know what weight paper is the best to use! For practice I’ve been using regular computer paper, no doubt you know the problem with that. Suggestions?

    It doesn’t help that I live in Turkey 😥 how I miss Hobby Lobby (might be a southern thing lol)

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    1. Hi!! I’m so sorry!! I missed this comment, and just saw it today!! YIKES! Apologies for keeping you waiting! I like Bristol paper for Markers if you want to keep a crisp line. For everyday use, I like the Strathmore Drawing Paper 400 series. I often use computer paper too! But it bleeds like crazy, so it feels wasteful going through 3 sheets at once, right? Computer paper is also good for avoiding hand smudging on the work if you’re a lefty like me. Happy creating!!

      I don’t have a hobby lobby near me either, but Michaels has a good stock. What’s it like in Turkey? 😀

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      1. Hobby Lobby is a lot like Michaels for variety, but everything is on sale, all the time! It’s definitely different in Turkey, but I’ve been through the culture shock once before 4 years ago- so it isn’t so different for me this time around hahaha! You can read all about it on my blog (shameless plug) lol. If you really want to know the details 😉 it’s attached to the account I’m using now.

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