#Inktober Day 1-7

I am really having a ball drawing children this week! It’s been such a good exercise to study faces, proportions, and try to figure out markers and pens.  Using a topic theme like “Children” and just drawing every day reminds me how much I enjoy drawing. Even the days when I don’t love the results, I learn a lot, and it unlocks that determination of “I’m gonna keep going until I get it right!” mentality I had when I was a kid drawing horses.

Here’s the week of drawings:

Inktober Day 1: I drew a small boy holding cookies. Using a Micron Pen and Copic Markers.. I don’t have an extensive Copic collection, most of mine are just shades of grey, but even with a few colors, I find I can push it pretty far.

Inktober Day 1

Day 2 Girl looks up. Ah perspective, my old enemy. I really enjoyed drawing this one. Thank heavens for photo references. I’m going to keep practicing this sort of perspective until we’re good friends.

Inktober Day 2

Day 3 Baby wearing Headphones. This one I did in the wee hours of the night. I couldn’t sleep and after staring at my ceiling, I decided to draw. The headphones are wonky in this drawing, but considering the circumstances, I gave myself a pass. If I was drawing this for a client though, I would’ve redrawn this until it was proportionally correct.

Inktober Day 3

Day 4: Girl Running: This one I did have to redraw several times until I got it right. Chins in profile. This poor girl had many, many chins. Not all at once, but oh the sadness of her chins before this one.

Inktober Day 4

Day 5: Boy with screen. This one was fun too. I liked showing him from a different angle and drawing chubby cheeks.

Inktober Day 5

Day 6: Children’s Choir.  This was the one that I wish I had more markers to work with. But I  loved working on this one and showing a group of kids together. I plan on finishing this one in Photoshop and sharing it with you next week here on the blog.

Inktober Day 6 Kids singing

Day 7: Blowing out the candles.

Inktober day 7

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