October is “Inktober”


Inktober is a fun time for a lot of artists because it’s an excuse to draw anything every day and share it! How it works is easy! You draw something with pen or ink, share it online with the hashtag #inktober. You can draw everyday, once a week, however often you wish! It’s a great drawing exercise and fun. 

This #inktober, I’ll be drawing children, You don’t have to pick a theme, but for me, drawing children isn’t as easy as I’d like it, and this is a fun opportunity to try on different techniques and get a lot of good practice in. I’ll share my #inktober drawings on Instagram daily, and continue to update weekly* on this blog each Wednesday.

Read about Inktober from the creator, Mr. Jake Parker and download some cool templates and icons like the one you see in this post!

*Provided the internet is working and I am able to post. Apparently country living has some downsides 🙂 I think the cows in the neighboring farm are messing with the Wi-Fi

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