Fancy Sheep and Contacting Me

I’m going to begin changing our weekly post time from Fridays to Wednesdays. I think it works better with my schedule, and isn’t it fun to look at pictures in the middle of the week? I think so.

I was inspired by Debbie Ohi, who has written several times about signing off to be more productive at work.  I found myself thinking about that and checking “Well, I’m not online that much, right?”  Then I started paying attention to how distracted I felt when I would take internet breaks vs the days I didn’t log on until after work. I get a lot done when I’m not online!

Email is still the best way to contact me for if you want to hire me or contact me. My email is seybertah @ gmail .com. I will respond to your email message within 24 hours, but if you send me a message on facebook, it often gets sent to my “other” box and I won’t see it for weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend! Here is a fancy sheep sketch for you 🙂


6 thoughts on “Fancy Sheep and Contacting Me

  1. I feel like that sheep isn’t actually going out or anything. I think she just likes being dolled up. Am I right? But she doesn’t seem pretentious about it. She is just a very elegant sheep. I bet we’d be friends.


    1. She is a very nice sheep! She would be delighted to be friends with you. This is a sheep study that I dressed up and my talented mother found a story for. There will more sheep in my future! 😀


    1. Thank you! I have some thumbnails with more sheep in fancy dress and an idea for them, but still needs a lot of work 🙂

      Wait, you had GOATS growing up? And you dressed them up? Did you give them nice scarves in the winter? That is very, very cool!!!

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