Back to work and a Robot.

Time flies!

I was out of work for most of May. I had some injuries that made it difficult to sit at my computer and draw for any length of time. I admittedly spent a good week feeling sorry for myself. But now I’m mostly recovered, and back to work! YAY! (muppet flail)

Here is a robot! He’s looking at his tablet, wonder what’s on the screen?


6 thoughts on “Back to work and a Robot.

  1. I hate leaving unsolicited advice, but I really love this illustration and I think one little thing would make it even better. Right now it seems to me like he’s hugging the rectangle on/to his chest. I think if you gave it a tilt, and maybe even broke the plane of the box of his body, it would give it a lot more dimension and become more clearly “a tablet” he’s looking at. I didn’t get that until I read the post. 🙂 (Sorry for the lousy example, my Cintiq is doing this stupid thing where it pretends it doesn’t exist. Sigh.)

    Hope you’re injuries are feeling better, and I’m really happy to see new stuff on the blog! 😀

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  2. JK, that is a great suggestion 🙂 Thank you! I’ll add that to my list. I love photoshop-it’s very handy for making adjustments to art!

    It’s been too long since I posted, I created a schedule that will allow me to have a good life/work balance, and avoid the pendulum swings of one or the other. I do feel a lot better, I’m almost completely healed-I can’t put any pressure on my knee or bump it without swallowing curse words, but I’m back to being active and happy 😀 Thanks for asking! I hope you’re doing well!


    1. Very well, thanks! I’ve been working on along with a few books and it’s like a dream come true. 🙂

      That work/life balance is a tricky beast, but boy is it worth working on. When you get that figured out, the whole world sparkles. 🙂

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  3. Oh I love this little guy, he looks so kind and understanding! Did you use Manga Studio for this one? I have been periodically checking your site for updates b/c I love your work, and stupidly I didn’t see the blog section so just thought new things hadn’t been added! Excited to look back at your older posts now!!

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    1. I haven’t used Manga studio….yet. But I will be sharing some MS pieces soon. For now, I’m addicted to photoshop, and I’m still learning a lot about THAT program! I’m glad you found the blog, and now you’ve given me extra motivation to get off my tush and update my portfolio too 😀

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