I love cats and FRENDEN brushes and trying out Manga Studio 5

I bought some brushes from FRENDEN and was pretty excited to try them out. What I really like about these brushes is that they really take advantage of the pressure sensitivity in my drawing tablet. I don’t have to draw over and over again, or constantly adjust the opacity. So a pencil brush works like a pencil, responding really well to how hard I push down. I don’t understand the how of it completely, but I appreciate the results. This is going to change the way I use Photoshop. I heartily recommend it.


Friday the 13th Cat

black-cat Uh oh! Watch out Mousey!white-cat-pouncing

I used the FRENDEN brushes for both of these cats. I’m excited to do a little more exploring and adventuring with them.

Yesterday, I also opened up Manga Studio 5 for the first time. SmithMicro usually has amazing sales for it, and it’s worth signing up for the newsletter to get notifications of when their products are on sale. Not to bash Photoshop, but Manga Studio is a really nice affordable option and more friendly to the artist who works with brushes, pens and pencils. Plus, one can buy a LOT more FRENDEN brushes for MS 5 than PS. (If you hear a squeaking noise in the distance, that’s me geeking out.) As I learn more, I’ll share stuff. but if you want to see some nice progressions, check out these really nice ones Vince Dorse made featured on the SmithMicro blog.

3 thoughts on “I love cats and FRENDEN brushes and trying out Manga Studio 5

  1. I keep considering moving on from Photoshop (I have a version from like 7 years ago or something) but I can’t quite bring myself to take the plunge. Something about learning a whole new piece of software makes me break out in hives. 😛

    I really like the expression on the black kitty! The gray one, I feel like the eyes need to go more towards the front. Right now you don’t get quite as much “looking at the mouse” as if the pupils hugged the front edge.

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