#ThinkSpringArt Week 3!

The weather is finally warming up here, and I’m seeing a lot of photos of melting snow online.. could it be that Spring is here? Thursday we had a high of 46 and it was sunny. I love the sunshine! Let’s keep up the #thinkspringart creative challenge and encourage spring to stick around and warm up a little more!

This week, we have more from Nancy Colle at Talking Donkey Studios and Emily Wayne at emilywayne.com.

Here are some lovely sketches from Nancy:

What a talented bear! He has all the things he loves right in his hands 🙂


This fairy is studying about flowers, I think 🙂


And Look! Emily’s shamrocks are blooming! Proof that Spring is near!

Emily1 Emmy2

AND a lovely puddle duck  by Emily:)

Puddle Duck

I feel warm and sunny already! Remember, if you are interested in participating, please use the hashtag #ThinkSpringArt and tag me@autumnseybert on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can share your work directly or link to your website, blogs, youtubes, whatever you like 🙂 Remember that all creative expression is welcome, and that all ages are welcome to participate. Keep it family friendly, and I’ll share it here every Friday ending May 1st.

2 thoughts on “#ThinkSpringArt Week 3!

  1. There is ALMOST NO SNOW OUTSIDE MY WINDOW THIS MORNING. Seems like a year and a half since I could say that! 😛

    I like the expression on the duck. Utter joy.


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