#ThinkSpringArt Creative Challenge Week 2

This is a photograph of Emily Wayne’s pot of shamrocks. Visit her illustration page here

Emily's Garden

Nancy Colle shared a beautiful photo of roses. Check out her artwork at Talking Donkey Studio!

Nancys' Rose

And this beautiful green road, reminding us spring is just around the corner 🙂Embedded image permalink

And finally, a painting by yours truly

think Spring painting


If you are interested in sharing your creative side, please use the hashtag #ThinkSpringArt and tag me@autumnseybert on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can share your work directly or link to your website.  All creative expression is welcome, and that all ages are welcome to participate.

3 thoughts on “#ThinkSpringArt Creative Challenge Week 2

  1. I like the painting! Really cool aspect ratio too, and well composed. It’s fun to do art you can actually hang on the wall. I feel like everything is so digital-only anymore! 😛


    1. Thank you JK! Most of my work is digital, but every so often, my fingers itch for traditional materials 🙂 This is actually the 3rd attempt after two fantastic failures (one included smashing the canvas in the snow to scrub off the paint)


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