#ThinkSpringart Creative Challenge

*IMPORTANT NOTE: #ThinkSpring has changed to #ThinkSpringArt

The snow is falling with determination. This is not the flouncy, fluffy snow that meanders its way down from the clouds, but a cold, nasty snow that pushes out the sun and stings your skin in the cold wind. This winter has been unusually cold in my neck of the woods, with ten below temperatures teaming up with crazy wind chills. Winter feels less like a cold-weather friend this year, and more like a bully that slaps your lunch out of your hand and stomps on it.

If you are like me, you are starting to feel the effects of this weather. The short days that go from shadowy grey to darkest night, the cold winds, and the feeling that your feet may never feel warm again. It starts to wear. You forget what flowers look like, and you start to feel tired all the time. Things keep going wrong, cars won’t start, pipes freeze, and everyone keeps hoarding toilet paper at the grocery store. It’s gone on for too long!

Spring will come again! YES, SPRING. Warmer temperatures, RAIN, muddy boots, and FLOWERS. ALL THE FLOWERS. You will hear birds that sing flying back in, and EEEK! Is that a bee?  The sun will shine, and you will feel a strange sensation of warmth on your head and shoulders. You will be able to walk or roll comfortably and with ease. Ducks will come out and quack out laughter as they dip into ponds of water (not ice!),  their little ducky bums sticking out. The trees will have leaves and blossoms, and you will see people’s smiling faces because they’re not hiding under scarves and hats

It’s time to FIGHT BACK WINTER! It’s time to #ThinkSpringArt!

Here’s how it works:

Use the hashtag #ThinkSpringArt on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, Tumblr or ANYWHERE you can hashtag really. Post photos, artwork, poetry, videos, music, ANYTHING that reminds us about the promise of Spring, hope, and joyfulness. This is a great chance to show off your creativity while we remember that winter is temporary. Post as often as you like!  If you tag me on Twitter @autumnseybert and use the hashtag #ThinkSpringArt, you also may have your work shown here on my blog every Friday until May 1st.

2/22/15 EDIT: Due to a large amount of pornographic images found under #ThinkSpring, we’ll be doing this creative challenge under #ThinkSpringArt now. 🙂

Remember, if you share someone else’s work, give them credit! Giving artists credit for their work is spreading the sunshine. 🙂

Here are some flower photos I’ve taken to help you get started:

Wild Flowers tulips Cactus Flowers

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