I Hate Winter

Winter is not my favorite time of year. I like cool days, I like warm days, I like SUNNY days. Winter isn’t very sunny. Many days are grey and dreary. Even the sun doesn’t feel like getting out of bed during the winter! Aren’t the days supposed to be getting longer now?

I guess there are some good things about winter. Falling snow IS very pretty. And the rare sunny day makes the snow sparkle. And snowmen are fun. AND the super cold does kill a lot of bugs. I think I hate bugs more than winter.

The thing about winter is that it sticks around for so long. It totally interrupts Autumn, the most beautiful and wonderful person, er, season of all and poor Spring is lucky to get a couple weeks.Winter is greedy and wants ALL THE MONTHS.

Stay warm out there!

4 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Autumn!!! Hang in there! Over here we are having a dry winter so it is all brown and blah! Today, in January, it’s raining!?! It just a few degrees above freezing so it’s a cold rain. Give me cold snow anytime. Hope it gets better for you. Maybe an early Spring? We can also hope.


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