Christmas Card 2014 and lessons learned

This was our family Christmas card this year. The inside read “Have Your Selfie a Merry Little Christmas”


This was a great experience for me to work on this card in that there was a lot of personal growth. By the end of it, I had a clearer picture of where I want to go as an artist, and what tools I would really need to get there. I also surprised myself with a realization that I am a perfectionist. And that wish to have every piece be perfect ends up in days lost with nothing made because it might be less than perfect. Do you ever feel that way?

What I learned, is that perfection is a myth and a fun-sucker. There is joy in creating, and some of my favorite work has come from mistakes. This woman with a pot was originally a farm landscape with a old wooden fence. My painting instructor said “Sometimes you just gotta let it go and try something else.”


Below is a rhinoceros that was supposed to be a walking man. I couldn’t make the proportions work, and felt very clumsy. Like a rhinoceros. Once I shifted my focus, it all worked out.


It’s not always  possible though to just say “I don’t feel like painting this anymore, so….I’m going to do this now!” especially to a client. If I was paid to draw a farmscape, I don’t think the client would have appreciated my woman with a pot. :)But the main point of showing you my paintings besides fishing for compliments is that once I stopped trying to be perfect, I was able to paint something I was proud to show off. And that I could apply that same mindset to my work today. Not comparing myself to others, not comparing myself to what I want to be someday, just focusing on the work today, enjoying the process, making decisions and getting the work done.

Thanks for letting me share and have a lovely day!

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