Wowsers! Where did the time GO!?

November FLEW by. It was amazing. Lots of birthdays and thanksgiving and terrible, TERRIBLE drawings and one family Christmas card that I’m pretty happy with. I will show you this Christmas card after my mum sends it out to folks. And if you DIDN’T get the Christmas card, don’t be mad-I MAY have accidentally hit the wrong button and ordered half of the amount. (blushes)

But I already dressed my avatar up for Christmas! TADA! I’m an elf!


Is it cold where you are now? It’s very chilly here. The nice thing about it is you never have to run out of things to talk about with strangers. “Ooh boy, that weather! Did you see that weather? Man I was IN that weather and it was SO weather.”

This is what I will look like for the next few months. Except I don’t have a hat with a giant pom-pom. Yet. I recommend you bundle up too, unless you’re on the side of the world that is gearing up for summer. Y’all had a rough winter I hear, so you enjoy every bit of sunshine that comes your way. I’m off to finish a fun piece to share with you next week! Have a great weekend šŸ™‚


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