Happy Halloween!

If you follow me on Twitter (hint: follow me on Twitter) then you have seen these Fun and Spooky guys, but if you don’t, here they are 🙂

A Very Nice Witch

A very nice witch

A Friendly Monster with Halloween Candy

A Friendly  Monster with Candy

A Cute Alien with his Gadget

Cute Alien

A Ghostie Deep in Thought

"Where did I put those Marshmallows?"
“Where did I put those Marshmallows?”

Ghostie Enjoying Marshmallows

Mashmallows are Ghostie's favorite food, you know.
Marshmallows are Ghostie’s favorite food, you know.

So there you have it. Some spooky fun for you this Halloween. I did all my sketches with a ballpoint pen. This week I felt nostalgic for my high school days when I worked mostly with a bic pen and pencils. And since it is the last week of #inktober, I thought it was fitting for that challenge too.

What’s coming up for November? Lots of good things! I’ll continue sharing my sketches with you each week. I’m also attending the Western PA SCBWI conference November 7 in Pittsburgh. I’m very excited to meet other SCBWI members in the area and learn a lot. I’ll share my experience at the conference, as much as I can without violating the copyright of the presenters who worked so hard on their presentations. I’ll also share some finished illustrations in November.

Are you looking for a fun challenge in November? There is

  •  NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for bloggers (registration ends November 5)
  • NaPiBoIdMo (National Picture Book Idea Month) for children’s book writers/illustrators
  • NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for novelists and
  • SkADaMo (Sketch A Day Month) for artists. There may not be an official SkADaMo this year, but if you would like to participate, you can post on your blog, twitter, or Instagram “#SkADaMo2014” to help people find your work. 

Happy Halloween! Are you going trick-or-treating? What are you dressing up as this year?

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

    1. Hi Nancy! No I don’t have the monster as a T-shirt, but I’m really happy you like him. He is my go-to monster when a monster is needed. Very friendly, hard-working and reliable, he is. 🙂


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