Inktober 2014

Inktober has arrived!

…wait, did you forget what Inktober is? Click on the link to learn about Inktober from the source, Mr. Jake Parker.

Sounds like fun right? You should try it! I’ll be posting my images to Twitter (@autumnseybert) so you can follow me there, or wait for me to update this post.The timing is quite excellent; I just purchased some Copic markers, and have some lovely brush pens that I’ve been itching to try out.

This post shall be STICKY. I am plotting to have a new inktober submission every day and will just add it to this post until it’s ALL done. I may also add a page gallery like my portfolio just for fun too. We’ll see what works best.

Day 1: Teddy


Day 2: Bear and Baby.

Bear and Baby

Day 3,4,5..The story of Baby Bear (in gallery format. Click to enlarge and scroll through)

2 thoughts on “Inktober 2014

    1. There are sketch challenges for November, but Inktober is in October. That being said, there is never a bad day to start a fun challenge. Non-conformity can be refreshing 😀


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