Dinosaurs say “Never Give Up”

Dinosaur Summer


The dinosaur painting is complete. If you have followed me on Twitter and Facebook, you know these dinosaurs started as a fun idea of something to paint for my nephew.  It was really hard to do and I got so upset about it that my painting became even worse! OH NO!


Sometimes things are really hard to do, and it is frustrating. Once I got really upset, I took a long break and did other things like knitting and riding my bike to calm me down. While it was tempting to just quit and give up, I’m really proud that I kept trying until I finished the painting. I like my dinosaurs, and I love that when I look at them, they will remind me that I can do anything if I keep learning, keep trying, and keep a positive attitude. Never give up 🙂



You can buy “Dino Summer” as a print, shower curtain and more at my Society 6 Store




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