WIP: Fairies and Fundamentals



Earlier this month, I was completely stumped over my work. I felt like I was suffocating,  too restricted by rules.  I said “I’m just going to PAINT something to get this out of my system then I’ll get back to work.” My friend had posted some pictures of his adorable girls and I thought “They just need wings!” and after he gave the okay to use them for reference, I started to work on a fairy painting. I felt like I was on vacation as I swiped my stylus across the screen.

I started sketching. I thought about balance, movement, lines and composition and before I knew it, I finished the sketch , and I was ready to paint. I thought about each brush stroke before I did it, and about the value. I thought “I want the background to look just as interesting as the subject” and painted with the goal that a person could crop any part of the painting and still have something to look at. Values, brush economy, color schemes…

It was at this point I started to laugh at myself.  I had found creative freedom by going back to the fundamentals. How rebellious!

This was what I needed. I work steadily and while there have been some bumps, I no longer feel like I’m trapped in a painting. I can step back, check it, and continue to work with intention. I decided to finish this painting, and then pick up my earlier work with fundamentals in mind. I’m already excited about  it.

Coincidentally, Chris Oatley and co. talk about fundamentals, work flow, and getting attention in his latest podcast. I definitely recommend listening to it if you haven’t already. It’s a good reminder for any artist, and they had a lot of good things to note.

I am almost done with this painting. Below is the environment, and once I’ve completely finished the fairies and the piece, I’ll share the completed painting and some more progress photos


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