Lips and the Mango Attack

I read online that mango skin and seed have the same oils as poison ivy and that you should wash your mangoes before eating, and your hands and face after eating. I didn’t know that! Well, I washed my mango, I washed my hands and face after because mangoes are a sticky mess, but I didn’t wash my lips.  I woke up with a rash all over my lips. That’s when I went online and learned about the dark side of the mango. 🙂

Benadryl helped and ointment helped and I thought “This will go away”

Then yesterday my lips swelled up like little lip balloons and my mum took to me to the doctor. I got a steroid shot, some oral steroids to take this week and an anti-histamine.  By evening, my lips were back to normal, and this morning, I still have some symptoms but I feel so much better!

The Mango is now on my “No-no” list of things that give me a reaction.

I have nothing new to show you yet. I have painted some, but my lips took a lot of my attention. Now that I’m better, I’m back to work full-time and will have some new things to show you next week!


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