Inspired to Procrastinate


In my last post, I talked about how I had a good idea where my painting was going to look like. The thing I kept getting stuck on was what kind of environment would I draw inspiration from? I thought of mountainous regions with beautiful lakes and scrubby plants. I thought of tropical paradises with palm trees, flowers and endless sky.

Then this morning, I thought of Hawaii. It’s perfect for my dinosaurs! It’s lush, green, with exciting volcanos and perfect for inspiration.  I searched for reference images on Google, and then saw this guy:




Whoa! Sea Turtle!

Whoa! Is he awesome or what? So I decided to do some quick sketches fully intending to resume my search.

Four hours later



What started just as a bookmarked thought for my brain turned into a full morning of work! I am very excited about this turtle and wanted to give you a sneak peek!  Artistic Procrastination is fun! You never know when inspiration will strike.

Off track for a moment, I really like cropping a piece and making it big. Sometimes I fall in love during the sketch phase, and cutting it up a little makes me look at it more objectively. Now I can look at this and say “This is a good step. Now let’s move forward!”

It’s time to get back to dinosaurs for the rest of the day! I think I’ll get in the right frame of mind by roaring like a dinosaur. Feel free to join me in a mighty roar!

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