What I’m working on Now: Dinosaurs: From Ideas to Sketches

One day, I was drawing on demand for my 3-year-old nephew using  the ProCreate app my iPad. He wanted me to draw as many dinosaurs as possible. Even though he couldn’t remember all the names, he knew what they looked like and could describe them to me. Because he’s three, I wanted to make cute and friendly dinos.first-dino-sketchs

Then I thought “Wouldn’t it be fun to have them all together in a scene?” So I did a quick sketch. I knew it could work, but I’d need to fix some things, like how the dinosaurs were standing and where the general foliage would stand. (You can see I got excited and went ahead of myself to play with colors.)




Overall, it felt super FLAT, and I realized I forgot about some dinosaurs so I started another sketch (You’ll see I also started doing sketches of dinos too).



It’s better, and I have a clearer idea what I want from the picture now.  In Photoshop it’s great because you can zoom waaaaay in or waaaaaaay out! It’s great for looking at composition and seeing what isn’t working and what rocks.

I have a good idea where I want everything to go now, but I won’t share the last design until the end! In this sketch, I can see some areas that need attention, so I’ll be looking at references so I can make smart choices. Speaking of references, next week, I’ll share with you more about the Ankylosaurus and his dreaded club tail!

Do you have a favorite dinosaur? Can you find it in the sketch? Share with us what it is in the comments, and maybe you’ll find it in the finished piece!

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