Remembering John Pinette

pinetteI found out John Pinette died April 5th at the end of the day while I was getting ready for bed. At first, I thought it was a mean Twitter prank. I checked multiple websites and they all said the same ludicrous thing: John Pinette was dead.

I had first learned of John Pinette whe I was at a low point in my life. I watched his stand up routine “I’m Starvin'” and laughed out loud during his rant about pantyhose. He said what I thought, from waiting in lines to how ridiculous the giant coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond are. I was an immediate fan.

The thing about John is that he was nice. Everyone talks about how nice he was, but he genuinely was. He responded to his fans (he tweeted back to me twice!). He made time for everyone!

When I found out he was coming to Erie on my birthday, I rushed to my parents and told them I knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday. We were going, and I was so pumped! When he stepped on stage, I didn’t recognize him.  He had lost a lot of weight! He also had a terrible cold from being exhausted. We worried about his health. We cheered him on. I thought “YES! He’s going to live a long life! Good for him!”  It was a wonderful birthday.

I’m still sad about his passing, but I’m glad for his life and his kindness. I was sketching today and started drawing him, and as I did, I thought of my happy memories and knew I wanted to share with you. I wanted you to know what a funny comedian, and what a nice man he was to fans like me.


A Sketch of John Pinette

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