We Need Diverse Books

There has been a lot of talk about multiculturalism in children’s literature lately. I wanted to add my two cents.

When someone says they feel that there is a lack of equality in a situation, that sentiment needs respected and looked into. If I felt like someone was treating me unfairly because I am a woman, I would want someone to take me seriously and say “I’m glad you’re sharing this. Let’s look into it and see what we can do about it.”  I want the same  for all aspects of multiculturalism.

I’m happy the discussion opened about diversity in children’s literature opened up. I agree that everyone deserves to read a story about someone like them. Because no matter what, everyone goes through a point when they feel alone and need to feel like someone out there gets it.

For May 1-3, there is an awesome campaign called We Need Diverse Books. Check it out. It’s awesome! People are joining together, sharing a voice and saying “We need diverse books!”  As an illustrator, I’m listening. I’m committed to making a change. How about you?





2 thoughts on “We Need Diverse Books

    1. I too, view multiculturalism according to the ACA definition, which is why I left it open ended as a topic. Thank you for sharing your link, I look forward to reading your work!!


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