Working With my Brother

I am really excited about this one, y’all.

This week’s Shirt Woot! derby theme is: Inspired by Children’s Books.

Aw yeah! How exciting! My brother is a designer, and  has a shirt that won before. He told me of a great idea he had to do a design inspired by Shel Silverstein, but he didn’t have time to draw it.

“I have time to draw it!” I said. We worked together to come up with the final product. I drew the different elements, and he designed it and wrote the poem. Working together was really awesome. I had a ball drawing everything, and he did a kick butt job with the writing and design. We’re really proud of this one, and hope you like it too.Josh and Autumn Collab

If you would please, you can vote for our entry! You need to have purchased something from Woot! before you can vote. If you’ve already purchased from Woot!, please vote for us!

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