Robot taking a stroll

I like robots. Obviously I have a great fondness for the two little robots you can find throughout this site . *Earlier this week, I had an idea for a menacing robot. Something really dark and scary! But try as I might, he just wasn’t. I found myself excited about this one.* Before I knew it, he was walking along this path, and I put aside my scary villain idea for another day.

You might wonder if it bothers me that I struggle with drawing villains. Not at all. I know if I really focused, I could draw a convincing bad guy, but for personal projects like this one, I enjoy letting the moment happen.

Well, that is the story. Here he is.

Walking Robot

*My fondness for the little guys comes from the fact that my nephews were a very strong influence when I made them up.

**Initially I had some issues with his legs. Now I can’t decide if he should stay that way, or if I’ll develop him a wee bit more symmetrical in the future.

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