Distracted and Sketch

I am easily distracted these days. Even with the aid of organizational tools, I find myself staring off into space while my brain works on a thought. Maybe it’s a drawing idea, maybe it’s a “remember this important thing to write about” (I forgot what it was) maybe it’s ” Did it take Ebony Davis 358 licks or 537 to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop in 3rd grade? Maybe I should count and see.”

The truth is, I’m pushing my brain boundaries  more these days with learning new programs and finer points of design. But that’s just the hard part of learning stuff-the brain works to dig new pathways for the information and habits to travel. Every time I reinforce my learning through application, it’ll get easier. Until the neural highways are clear and running smoothly, there’s going to be a few detours now and then. Basically, practice makes easier.  I’ll regain my focus-well, mostly focused – I’ve always been a little distracted.

smens sketch


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