Inspiration, Influence, and all that stuff.

Maple Lam recently posted on a wonderful article about getting ready for the 2014 Summer SCBWI conference or #LA14SCBWI if you read “hashtag”. I love this post because I have very similar goals and action plans. I really, really want to attend this conference, and I promised myself I would do what it takes to get ready.

Gail A. Buschman shares some  notes in her blog from her portfolio review from Mr Giuseppe Castellano, an art director at Penguin. I really appreciated that she shared this, because it made me look at my work with fresh eyes, and I realized that there are some similarities that I need to work on too.

(here is a new sketch I did this morning!)

girl with ball

My plan is to join the thoughtful ideas from both women. I’m going to work on 1-2 portfolio pieces a month, including more completed illustrations with my characters in environments. Also, I’m going to create more drawings with children featured as the main characters.  So a LOT of drawing in my future-which is awesome!

I’m also going to follow Maple’s plan to read, draw, write, promote and connect, but I’m also going to include learning.  I have learned so much from fellow illustrators, from getting helpful tips on Twitter, going to #kidlitart chats Thursdays at 9:00pm EST, taking an online class or just getting an email response.  In the last year, I feel that I have learned as much as I did in my 4 year program at college.  That’s thanks to generous sharing information in this professional community.

Which I’m going to take a moment to share an instance going on now where two people abused that generous spirit of this man Francesco, and his fight to protect his work. He was smart to save all his correspondence and publicize what was happening. It is one thing to become influenced by someone’s work, it is quite another to steal it. Even though this happened to him, he still continues to help others and give them helpful advice. It’s that spirit of openness with information that made me realize how much I love this community.

8 thoughts on “Inspiration, Influence, and all that stuff.

    1. Holly deWolf, Will Terry, Chris Oatley, Russ Cox and Diandre Mae are a few. There’s a #kidlitart chat Thursdays at 9pm and there is a ton of helpfulness there and great networking 🙂


  1. All this time I thought I had added this blog to my reader and I hadn’t! Nuts! I’m so glad I remembered to wander over here. Your work is too cute. Makes me want to write children’s books for a living and hire you to illustrate!


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