Pippa Hippo

dancing hippo

My characters tend to appear from an emotional place. Whatever I’m feeling at that time tends to show up in my drawings.  At the same time, my characters can really cheer me up when I’m feeling sulky or sorry for myself.  Pippa the Hippo (above) is such a character. I was grouchy (read: hungry and/or tired) and my dad and I had a talk when I said something about a pink hippo with spots.  “I’d love to see that” he said.

While I was drawing, she decided to dance on the page to say hello. I was grouchy, she was whimsical.  She was nothing that I planned, but I like her all the more for it. She cheered me up with her silly twirling and was very adamant that I show her off while she was doing a very difficult twirly move. And she wants cake.  (waits patiently for cake to arrive)

No? You didn’t fall for that? Dang! oh wait, yeah it was cookies! That’s right, cookies!!

(waits patiently for cookies)

Man you guys are tough!

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