SkADaMo: Turkey and Grumpy

Talking Turkey


Confession: I used to hate Thanksgiving. What a silly holiday to hate! I hated the chaos, I hated the stores being open earlier and earlier for Black Friday, and I hated all the food that went with it.

But I didn’t really  hate Thanksgiving. It never did anything wrong. The thing I really hated about Thanksgiving was that I felt like I was missing out on the best parts, and that I rushed through the process. My former job’s schedule meant I drove home Wednesday night exhausted, have Thanksgiving with my family, and then drive back Friday or Saturday to work again. It was a good job, but the quick turn around made me grumpy.

Now that I work from home, I never miss the best part of Thanksgiving the Preparation! No more driving hours to visit my family. Now I am a part of the planning and preparation (I’m baking one of the desserts!). On Thanksgiving morning, I’m not exhausted or rushed, and I can watch the parade while drinking coffee with my family, and there’s no worry about driving back to work.


Also, I learned that being grumpy solves nothing. Grumpy




7 thoughts on “SkADaMo: Turkey and Grumpy

  1. I think one of the best parts of illustration is when children can understand what’s going on. My 5 year old can tell me that your girl character here is mad, but took a moment to decide why. She’s brilliant and we love her. I love the texture you added to the feathers on your turkey, though she thinks it’s a chicken but isn’t sure. 😉 Have a nice day!


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