#SkADaMo and Silence

SkADaMo is here!

I am very happy to throw my hat in for the month and sharing a sketch a day for as many days I can in November. I missed the first 4 days working on a project with a deadline. I am happy to tell you I finished ahead of schedule and ready to get cracking here!

I plan and sketch in quiet. I turn off my music, turn off my audiobooks, and I sit in a quiet room and just draw until my brain settles into a quiet hum. I center on my task and the noise outside the world and inside my head fades away. I focus on  the character’s emotion and often find myself taking on  the pose while I sketch. Most of the time though, I end up hunched over my sketch as if I’m trying to enter the paper. On a really good day, my sketch becomes a character and starts to help shape itself. On a bad day, I’m just drawing loops and sticks until  it’s clear that the character is my distracted and worried mind. Whether I’m drawing something I love, or that I end up tearing to bits, I draw in quiet.

Now, once the first planning stages are complete and the process of colors comes into play, I really enjoy an audio book. I let my subconscious play with the colors while I listen to the narrator talk in a soothing tone.

How about you? Do you work best in quiet or do you like listening to something while you work?photo (1)

6 thoughts on “#SkADaMo and Silence

  1. Ridiculously, I just recently “discovered” audiobooks. I have always been a voracious reader, but it wasn’t until recently when the light clicked on in my head. I spend about 8 hours a week commuting plus hours and hours in the studio, so it’s the perfect time for audiobooks. 🙂 I can’t listen if I’m typing words or trying to think in words, but pictures are fine!


    1. Oh that would definitely make the commute less commute-y! Isn’t that funny how it’s hard to type and listen at the same time? It’s like our brains are like “HEY! One word at a time silly head!”


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