The Viking Penguins Set Sail

vikings!!newcopyLong, long ago, I entered a Shirt.Woot! derby and drew these viking penguins. Some time later I decided to paint them digitally, but it was so mind-numbing and time-consuming, I thought “There must be a better way!”

Several online tutorials later (thanks to Will Terry and other #kidlitart folks! for all the help!) I learned more about color theory and how to use Photoshop. I also just practiced a LOT so digital painting become more natural and fun!

Below is the journey of the penguins

One thought on “The Viking Penguins Set Sail

  1. I love the little things you put into this. Like the one with his helmet on sideways, the one that’s seasick (that would totally be me), and the one wearing a beanie.


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