Organizing my files

Bear-in-the-cornerToday I spent 3 hours organizing my files into easy to find folders on my computer. As a reward, I took one of the first things I ever did in Photoshop and decided to paint that concept again, something you’re going to see a lot of in the next few weeks. 🙂  The first image is the one I did today, and the second is the one I did when I was experimenting with Photoshop back in the day.

Tuckered Teddy

One of my friends said “Autumn, why are you showing your older work at all? You should only showcase your new and good stuff!”  I’ll tell you what I told my friend: It’s not just about showing “Hey look how awesome I am today!” but about how much I’ve learned and how great practice is for improvement. Blame my years working in higher education, I like to share information and lecture a little. Practice, practice, practice! Okay, that’s all 🙂

Next, I’m going to work on the bear in color! WOO HOO!! See you later, taters!

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