Pencil Brush in ProCreate

I have really enjoyed playing around with the process of creating an image. There are times that I still appreciate drawing using paper and pencil, but I really, really want to know EVERYTHING at once, and that requires a lot of time, focus, and steady supply of tea and cookies. I’m still waiting for my cookies.

Right right! So because I know there are many of who love horses just as much as me, here is another horse that I drew using Procreate and sent off to Photoshop for cropping, my little copyright note, and resized for friendly web use.  This was my “OH MY GOODNESS! THERE’S A BRUSH THAT MIMICS PENCILS!” piece that I got REALLY excited about (hence the capital letters-which I admit could also be used as a robot voice).

When drawing horses, or really anything, but I feel especially horses, drawing the negative space is just as important as the positive. In fact, sometimes I find myself drawing the shape of the negative spaces when my brain has trouble computing the knobbiness of the horse leg or the actual size of the thing. Anyway, here’s the horse 🙂 I realize he has a floaty quality to him, something I will be mindful of in the future.




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