Using those fancy things called “Words”

Communicating my thoughts in clear sentences has never been easy for me. I tend to resort to sound effects to try to get my point across with wild, sweeping arm movements. Realizing this makes me seem like a cave woman, I started blogging years ago.

It’s been a wonderful practice. My writing has improved a lot, especially over the last year. Most of my old blogs are long gone now, so sorry you won’t find my thoughts on that cute guy in my class from that one semester 🙂 In fact, I’ve become so comfortable with blogging that I often find myself not making it a priority.

So I have made a Today Resolution to blog consistently. I have a lot of fun illustrated topics share, and a LOT of art in my arsenal to share with you too.

Oh the places we’ll go.

I did this drawing for a blog post on Snarky Fishguts. I think you’ll discover the writer is pretty awesome (hint: it’s me) I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to stay with WordPress or move my blog to another site.  Do you use a host site like WordPress or blogger? I’d love to hear your thoughts and preferences.

Untitled artwork

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