Exploration of the Tortoise

I have saved for a tablet for  a while now. After reading countless reviews and asking some illustrators what they thought, I aimed for an iPad with 64GB. My wish for a tablet was to have a portable surface for digital drawing, and to show off my portfolio.

One day I finally purchased the iPad and downloaded ProCreate. Whoa that program is awesome. You can draw in layers and paint with different brushes and colors. It’s all the stuff I love about Photoshop, but easy. Right now I use it to sketch, draw and then send the file off to my computer to finish painting it in Photoshop. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with the program and learning a lot.

Speaking of learning, I wanted to talk a little about color theory. I always knew color theory from college, but I’m starting to really understand it on a nerdy passionate level that makes me want to write long stories about color relationships.

Coming up, I just purchased Von Glitschka’s book Basic Vector Training. I’m excited to crack open that puppy and share with you some new art! Speaking of…

Here is the first thing I drew using ProCreate. The TortoiseTortoiseCR


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